F. A. Q.

How does a first responder know I have petz @ home?

If you are in an accident and can’t speak, our emergency ID card in your wallet or purse plus the keychain Fob will alert first responders (such as police, fire, EMT, caring samaritan) that you have petz @ home.  They will contact Latchkey Petz.  Latchkey Petz will contact your designated care giver.


How do you know who my designated caregiver is?

When you register your personal number that is printed on the key fob and your ID card, you will input your address, phone number, designated care giver, etc.  All the information you want us to know - so that we can contact your vet and caregiver.  We will know who you are when the first responder gives us your identification number, that is registered to you and your petz.


What other service do you provide?

We can fax your medical record (that you uploaded to your profile) to any veterinarian and you also have access to your records 24/7.  We even post your petz picture to social media if your petz ever get lost - so that your petz can be found quickly!  So be sure to upload your petz pictures too.


What is the first step to register?

Purchase a key fob kit to obtain your number.  Go to our website at and click on the register button.  You enter the information on each box.  Once registered, you will receive confirmation from Latchkey Petz that your petz are now protected.


What happens if I have more than one pet?

Each kit will register two petz.  You can purchase more kits if you want to store records for each of your petz.


What if one of my petz passes away?  Can I register a new pet with that same number?

Yes, you can transfer the number to another pet and upload new information.  The old information will be deleted.


How much does this monitoring cost to protect my petz?

You receive 1 month free with each new kit.  After that, it costs $10 a month on a month-to-month basis or $5 a month if paid annually.  You can cancel at any time.